Four Ways to Style a Dress Shirt

A simple dress shirt is one of the oldest pieces of clothing worn by gentlemen. Early versions of the shirt did not have a collar or cuffs, but the shirt has evolved into a stylish garment that is seen in every modern man’s collection.

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International men’s fashion magazine GQ has suggested that in recent seasons, menswear has been veering back toward a collared dress shirt rather than the more casual t-shirt. The key to remaining on-trend is to be aware of how to style the shirt for different occasions in order to look fashionable.

Classic Shirts

A classic dress shirt is a very traditional look. When paired with a black or grey tie, black trousers or even a tuxedo, it is easy to build a sophisticated look with a white shirt. A white shirt should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe as its versatility makes it easy to wear and even easier to look good.

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Black and Coloured Shirts

A black dress shirt can be teamed with anything from smart trousers to ripped jeans, depending on the look you wish to achieve. An all-black look appears sleek and smart yet is simple to put together.

Although dress shirts are traditionally white, the modern dress shirt is available in a huge range of colours and styles, such as Farah Shirts You might pair a light shirt with black trousers for a striking contrast, or a bright shirt with black for a bold and vibrant look.


This look involves a dress shirt that is tucked in as part of a full suit or with a formal jacket. Traditional buttoned cuffs are common, but French cuffs with cufflinks look great at professional events. Collars should always match the size of your lapels, so use a thin collar for thin lapels and a thicker collar for wider lapels.


Casual dress shirts have regained popularity in recent years and are the ideal choice for weekends and leisure. Leaving a casual shirt untucked means you are free to wear your choice of trousers and feel relaxed while looking good.

Now that you are aware of the ways you can wear a dress shirt, try some of the suggestions and choose your favourites. You will look your best at any event by creating your own, on-trend style.

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