How Thick Does My Laminate Flooring Need to Be?

Choosing the correct laminate flooring for rooms in your home can be a difficult decision, as so many options are available.

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As well as different colours, styles and designs that you can choose from, one important factor that will influence your budget and final decision is the plank thickness.

The Construction of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made of four different layers, which include:

•       The Bottom Layer – Protects the core layer from any moisture
•       The Core Layer – Ensures the floor is stable and tough
•       The Photographic Layer – The image bonded on to the core layer which gives the floor a natural appearance
•       The Wear Layer – The top surface exposed to wear and tear

Ensure you also care for and protect your floors properly.

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The four layers are pressed together with high heat to create laminate flooring. The thickness of laminate flooring refers to the inner core layer and is measured in millimetres.

The Varying Thicknesses of Laminate Flooring

The thickness of laminate flooring ranges from 6mm to 12mm, and the thicker the plank, the more expensive the flooring.

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Thicker laminate flooring does not indicate durability, as the characteristics of the wear layer determine how many years it will last.

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