The Gentleman Driver. Graham Hill the master of Monaco

With his handle bar moustache and debonair good looks one of the most iconic drivers of the vintage era of Formula one was Graham Hill. Hill typified the look of the driver at the time, charismatic, fast and a risk taker he drove at a time when the loss of several drivers in a year was thought of as part of the sport. Hill himself had several scrapes but seemed to face it all with a charismatic philosophical approach. When he broke both of his legs in a practice session he was asked if he was ok, “Tell my wife I won’t be able to dance for a few weeks” he quipped. One of the races that was his favourite was the Monaco Grand Prix. He held the record for winning the race 4 times. The glitz of Formula One party race seemed to inspire him. Monaco is one of the most prized races on the calendar and is a must see at least once for any F1 fan. One of the best ways to go and see it is with a F1 Hospitality Monaco package like those at Seeing this great race, you begin to appreciate why Hill’s four wins were such an achievement.

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Graham Hill did not come to motorsport early. In fact, his first sporting love was Rowing. He always claimed that it the discipline of the sport and the strength it built into him. His love for Rowing went with him into the sport as his helmet carried the distinctive dark blue and white stripes of the world-renowned London Rowing club. It was easy to spot which car was driven by Graham Hill. It was all part of the suave charm of the man who looked at times like a Spitfire pilot ready to scramble at the first sign of trouble and get in the air. Amongst other talents Hill was also a pilot. As for racing he didn’t even pass his driving test until the age of 24, incredible when you think that most new drivers start in carts in their tweens.

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This did not stop him going on to win two world championships in nineteen sixty-two and nineteen sixty-eight. His first and last Grand Prix wins before retirement were fittingly at Monaco. His greatest achievement was the triple crown. He is the only driver to have won at Monaco, the Le Man’s twenty-four hours and the Indianapolis 500. After retirement he was popular on Television as the charm and personality of the man, especially when combined with his great friend Jackie Stewart was very entertaining. He died tragically in an air accident trying to and a plan in thick fog. The story does not end there though. His son Damon went on to win the Grand Prix drivers’ championship with Williams in the 1990’s the only time a Father and Son has done so.

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