The young India Company operating the sector of pharmaceuticals and personal care products – the Richfaith Pharmaceuticals

The Richfaith pharmaceutical is the young India Company operates the main sectors of the pharmaceutical and the personal care products. Richfaith is the part of the Rajdarbar group, which is already a famous company of India. The Rajdarbar group is already known company in the whole world also. The Richfaith focused on the selected range or products in the markets. These products are made consideration with the proper quality management and the proper research and analysis.

We are continuously working for the top quality products in the market, which is easily accessible to the common man. The products of the Richfaith are having the reasonable range of price that the person can buy. With over 200 professionals across India, Richfaith Pharmaceuticals has a strong presence in the major metropolitan states & Tier-2 cities like Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, MP, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Telangana, Chhattisgarh etc.

The analysis and the quality control system are proper and they have the top quality as possible. The products are also having the reasonable amount of price with the quality. The main products of the Richfaith pharmaceuticals are the Canthra Rich Hair oil, Be free sanitary napkins, the chiller perfume ranges, Dentorich toothpaste, E-Vita hair oil, Nutriall Power powder and the Orho-Shakti Ayurvedic oil.

These all products are very easily available in the market and the products like Nutriall is available is advanced and the advanced and the effective milk and soy protein powder. It is carefully formulated and the appetite, boost immunity. It is having ingredient of high protein content, essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The Nutriall is the Catalyst for the full nutrition.

The chiller perfume has the wide range of varieties in the reasonable range of price. The fragrance is awesome and having long lasting behavior. It is not a Gas cylinder, but bodies spray. The Befree is the ultra Pad for the comfort in the days of Menstruation cycle. The soft touch cover fits your body and helps in preventing rashes and skin irritation.

The Canthra rich is the natural hair oil which has the herbs and natural ingredients, which makes the hair stronger, thicker and fills the scalp with nourishment.  The Dentorich is the toothpaste which is available in the price range of affordable. It keeps your teeth clean and proper. The Orho-Shakti is the Natural oil made of the herbs and the green natural ingredients; this makes the body fit and the active by instantly acting upon the pain and offers relief in knee pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, back pain, muscle pain, leg pain and joint pain.

These all are Health keepers product, available in the markets, open the product and click on the Add to Cart option below the product, then the further delivery option is available. If you have any trouble with the online purchase, you can buy the product from the market.

If you are a dealer or the store owner/manager, you can buy the product in bulk. The benefit of the bulk purchasing is that the amount of price becomes very low and can be bought directly from the company, without intermediate. You can purchase the product online through the website and for further details please contact:-



Ph no- 01140570506

Lajpat Nagar -IV

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